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Jan, 2018

The Grand Vintage, a prestigious point of distinction

As a truly legendary pioneer, Moët & Chandon was one of the first champagne Maisons to produce vintage blends, champagnes created from a single harvest and a longer cellar age, reflecting the flavors of a single year.  Moët & Chandon’s very first Grand Vintage, the 1842 blend, was in fact the Maison’s innovative response to demand from British and American consumers who wanted more mature champagnes.


Each time a Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage is released, it becomes part of the House’s Grand Vintage Collection, a collection of the finest champagnes spanning more than 150 years. Only 73 finely aged vintages have been released in more than 170 years from 1842 to today. This collection is safeguarded in the Grand Vintage Reserve cellars in Epernay for more refined maturity. One of the world’s largest and most prestigious collections of vintage champagnes, the Grand Vintage Collection celebrates the ultimate in wine-making excellence and savoir-faire, cherished by connoisseurs of the finest champagnes.

A Grand Vintage is declared a Grand Vintage Collection when it is sold for a 2nd time with a disgorgement which took place after the initial release meaning extra-maturation in our cellars. It allow these refined champagnes to further deepen their complexity and sophistication.


Since 2007, the introduction of each new Grand Vintage has been accompanied by a selection of the oldest wines from the Grand Vintage Collection. The wines associated with a newly released Grand Vintage share certain similarities of harvest, assemblage or style that highlight its personality and potential.

The new Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2009 will be accompanied by the Grand Vintage Collection 2002 and Grand Vintage Collection 1990.  These 3 vintages are recognized for their perfect balance with high levels of both body and acidity and their accomplished maturity. Grand Vintage Collection 2002 and Grand Vintage Collection 1990 illustrate the strong ageing potential of 2009 and project its maturation into the future. Exclusively available in high end wine specialists and gourmet restaurants, these sophisticated, finely aged champagnes can be appreciated and savored together for a uniquely and enriching vertical tasting.




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